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420 Customer Appreciation Week - 50% Off + $2000 in Giveaways

In honor of 420, Cho$en (@chsn415) founder of Trippy Stix has decided to make the whole site 50% off from today until 420. We call this customer appreciation week. We want to be able to provide everyone a great product for an affordable price to celebrate the month of April in a healthy way.

In addition to the site being 50% off, Cho$en (@chsn415) has also decided to give away $2000 to a few lucky winners.

Written by PURE EPIC — April 16, 2015

Herbal Trippy Stix Review by

Trippy Salute to Lauren at for taking the time to do a review on the Herbal Trippy Stix unit.

If you would like to review a product please reach out to us to #Experiencethetrip.

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